We are living in the era of YouTube, gadgets and gizmos. Everyone’s adapting to technology, be it Hollywood’s biggest movie studios or kids at home with their smartphones. Your everyday companies are also adapting. Company Whatsapp groups, Skype calls with clients and even integrated app accessible door locks are all micro benefits that increase efficiency in a company. This brings us to something else that has risen together with the rise of technology – corporate video.

A corporate video is basically a video produced for a company for a variety of uses. It is most commonly used as an introduction to the company and their products.

So why corporate videos?

Era of Technology

As mentioned, we live in an era of technology. Most of what we do nowadays is online. Offices are lined up with laptops and Wi-Fi must always be available. It only makes sense then that companies need to import their content online. Be it on company websites or social media accounts, this is where a great corporate video come in. Gone are the inefficient days of word-of-mouth or letters and sometimes you won’t have time for that short meet up with a client to showcase your products. Newspaper and TV ads are expensive and don’t give you as much flexibility. Why not use a few megabytes of magic to solve all your problems?


Share, like, subscribe. Corporate videos are so easy to share with video hosting sites like YouTube available. With the right direction, the potential for your video to be seen by millions of viewers is there. This will of course result in an increase in brand awareness amongst the target audience you want to reach out to.


Following up on the first point, another useful feature you can use with your corporate videos are analytics. With advertising tools like Facebook Video and Vimeo, you can see measurable results, like how many times your videos are viewed, shared and liked. You will therefore be able to learn more about your audience and find out what they are interested in. This will only be beneficial for both parties as you will then be able to continue creating videos that are more appealing to the target audience.

In a world where efficiency is key and everyone’s online, it is no surprise to see the rise of corporate video production services.