Why is strategic corporate video production essential for companies? In such a competitive phase, it’s quite strenuous to form one’s identity and get recognised locally. Besides all the digital marketing channels and outdoor ads, there’s an extremely massive gap between the entities and its consumers. Videography reduces the distant reach by creating effective connection between the company and the prospects.

Even though there exist 100’s of competitors, every single video sets an uncommon image in the mind of a person. Vast majority of companies are going about it all wrong! They fail to take just a few simple measures at the beginning that would make all the difference to the effectiveness of the product at the end.

Erratically, it becomes difficult to recall the name of a brand that we see in the commercials; regardless of the unknown brand, a fine twist within the ad captures the entire thought of an individual. Fortunately, the motion ads viz. TV Commercials, Video Ads & Footages are the only prime modes of reaching the emotions of the people. Generating a feel or curiosity for a specific matter ain’t possible just through text ads, hoardings and banners. There has to be a way that builds up an extreme bonding between ‘what you are offering’ and ‘people who need it’.

No wonder, videos have gained to lead the marketing process, and it won’t take long when videos would become the first promotional and reachable channel for every business or profession. The boosting demand & supply of vlogs, tutorials and entertainment is something youngsters require. Accompanying the resources they achieve similar goals with minimal efforts. But in terms of a corporate world, a team of expertise executers is essential in order to make a product or service reach the targetted audience.

What’s the actual need for corporate video production?

Grabbing the attention!

creative corporate video production

Among thousands of ad campaigns, organic search and social media networks; it has literally become onerous to place our matter before the huge audience. Although there are numerous ways to grab attention, only a few leave a great impact. Video production is the only way to make a righteous decision.  Be it launching a Product, Delivering a Message, Branding or Boosting-up the Sales. Any form of video followed by a meaningful script is worth it.

Effective Video Creation That Delivers a Perfect Message

It’s not the product we sell, it’s the story people buy!

And we all know, people buy what connects to their needs, feelings and desires.

Rockstagvid creates anticipated expressive stories that directly relate to what your market wants.

For instance, a pen manufacturing company tries to outstand its product but fails in doing so. Why? This is because there already exist 100’s of brands selling similar pens and doing pretty well in the niche. The only way to take over the market is understanding the nature and need of the target audience. Prior to building any strategy, study more about the segmentation of the market, who is this pen for? Is it for a student, general or superior class? Once you clear up the target as for the group of superiors, royals & bosses your half the problem gets resolved. Rest of it we’d solve for the one. With a clear group of selected people, our team of Rockstagvid would plan a perfect script. The team will strategize creating a highly impactful corporate video that would encourage the classy group of viewers to buy the product. This is how we connect their emotions understanding the standard and positive desires.

Overall our corporate video production company would missionize to communicate your perfect message, following the perfect method.

Drive More Leads & Conversion Through Promotional & Commercial Videos

Since digitisation has evolved, the rate of generating leads is getting higher even for an average level of organisation. Well, 1-5% of these leads further converts into the customers. Whereas, the rest of 95-99% drops-off.

The reason behind is lack of trust!

The issue of trustlessness arises due to unrecognized identity of the organisation.

In order to establish a sturdy identity, a company has to build a brand which is truly possible through several modes of marketing. But the only efficacious way is through corporate video production. It assists in gaining a higher number of genuine leads out of which at least 15-20% converts as new customers. This also helps to acquire a higher number of returning visitors due to the branding of the business.

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How We Helped Several Brands To Become Bigger Brands?

Among all the valuable brands and startups we’ve served, some bigger brands include Honda, Netflix, MasterCard, Gucci, HP, Airbnb, 7-Eleven, Universal Music Group, CBRE, Hitachi, DBS, Singtel, NUHS, Metro, Bata, Invade, Resorts World, BLKJ, Warner Music Group and so on. We provide with full-service several and corporate video production to the companies we’ve worked with and still on-going.

Why Rockstagvid Is The Best Production Company In Singapore?

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A massive bridge of talent is required in order to make a single video significant. Our Singapore based Rockstagvid studio comprises of Script Writers, Directors and Cameramen. Further getting crucial support from Editors, VFX & Animation Team and Digital Marketing Experts.

Indulging into the new prototype of video production, Rockstagvid has developed a system that plucks up the courage of existing industry’s grade. We conduct a complete set of assets and expertise in-house. Our endeavours form into creative and full-of-matter videos that we assure will be spectacular. If truely you expect an extraordinary set of enthralling videos for your brand, do share your vision with our team of experts.

Rockstagvid has created multiple videos generating millions of views. This has helped our clients and partners to grow their businesses much faster. And what’s more satisfying than satisfying the clients with expected and prowess videography. No matter if your niche is different from than of listed on our site. Obviously, we contribute our ideas for a customized video going off-the-track. We intend to serve you something different compared to the rest of the video styles. Our customized format of corporate video production is more popular. Here we and clients share and merge our ideas to bring a new form of productive output. This is one of the reasons why our customers come back again as this has made our relations stronger. And that’s why we’re the most preferred, best Commercial & Corporate Video Production studio in Singapore.

Types Of Videos We Produce

  • Commercials
  • Corporate Video Production
  • Music Video
  • Web
  • Showreel Originals
  • Short Films
  • Animation & Motion Graphics
  • Interview Videos
  • Showcase Videos
  • Role Play Videos
  • Launch & Promotional Videos

Reasons Why Corporate and Advertising Companies Choose Us Over Our Competitors?

1. Gratification Assurance

We believe our video production service doesn’t bring value unless and until you are 100% satisfied. Our contract includes the number of revisions we make to edit and deliver the benchmark of the required video. For sure, your happiness with the outcome is more important than anything else in our business. The only intention behind creating a video is that when our client leaves our studio, should be excited enough with the investment made. And should be proud to share the content with their own clients on the TV or web publicly.

2. Proven Content Record

We’ve got live evidence displaying the real work delivered by the team. The same can be seen and analysed on our website, YouTube or just visiting our studio to know in detail. As mentioned prior our accompanying bigger brands do enlist the names as Netflix, Honda, Gucci, Hitachi and more.

3. Instant & Easy Communication

The conversation begins the minute you leave a message, call or place an inquiry showing interest in knowing more. Our executives won’t make you wait for every query you got to resolve. Once the interaction starts it never ends even during and after delivery and succession of video content. Our executives are available via direct call, email and Whatsapp. Making our clients feel more comfortable and easy to communicate is the 1st stage goal of Rockstagvid.

4. Full-Service Production Team

Everyone prefers working in a sequence manner, we too prefer. According to the standard, we do follow the steps prior to the creation of any commercial or corporate video production. The steps are as follows:

  • Receival of client’s inquiry
  • Responding instantly and discussion-in-detail (either through email, phone, chat or face-to-face meeting)
  • Project Manager goes through the concept and plans the strategy
  • Scriptwriter delivers the expected screenplay
  • Build up a team to start the work (Cameramen, Editors, Illustrators, Motion Graphic Artists, Voiceover Artists, Sound Composers and Musicians)
  • We schedule a day for the shoot and arrange all the necessary resources (including selected models)
  • Shooting & Editing Day – On completion, the video is delivered for finalising and further revisions

We’ve have worked with several small, large and startup industries. Till now the prime product or niche line we’ve dealt with is a corporate video production Singapore. It comprises of web-app promotion, product launch, music promo, business intro, consultation service, offers and sales growth videos. Further assisting with marketing – implementation on social media, organic and paid video ad campaigns, event or presentation display, press release distribution and more.

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