Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at our video production?  We decided to showcase this video to help unveil the “mystery” behind a video production.

It is a common misconception by many that shooting a video production behind the scenes (BTS) or short film are easy tasks. However, it involves a great deal of planning and experience on set to shoot a successful BTS. It is definitely no walk in the park.

What Goes Behind the Scenes

Unlike a typical video production, shooting a BTS is completely different. Give some thought to who your target audience is, and what you want them to take away from it. Here are 3 useful steps to help you create your own BTS and develop content ideas for it.

Most of you will start to question or think to yourself, “I don’t want to attract my competitors to my videos, I want to attract my actual clients instead”. Think again, a good BTS video helps you explain the video production process in detail and how you work with your client to achieve the desired goal. This puts you in a great spot and portray you as a leading player among other video production companies.

  1. On Site Floor Plan
    “Fail to plan, plan to fail”
    Unlike usual video production planning, planning for BTS requires the video producer to take the position of the main video shooting team into consideration. This will allow him to position the equipment strategically without hindering the actual shoots.
  2. Candid Shots
    In BTS, the key talents are the crew. We have our talented photographer on set to capture all the candid moments and ultimately some team photos after wrapping up the main video shoots.
  3. Content Planning
    BTS video doesn’t need to be like a long form video, it can be just 3-5 minutes. Some of the points to note and avoid:

    1. Prevent information overload (Alert!! This is not a tutorial video)
    2. BTS is not a stitch-up of clips plus music
    3. Provide some value for audience to learn or use (but not forgetting point A. above)

Here are some content ideas to consider:

  • Introduction of yourself, the crew and shoot location
  • Provide audience with a summary of what you are shooting, concept and introduce subjects involved as much as possible, e.g. models, crew etc. (in BTS video context, it is a bad idea to keep audience in suspense) (do check with your client beforehand if it’s okay to disclose certain information or else, all your efforts will be in vain if the footage can’t be used)
  • Mini knowledge sharing, e.g. lighting tricks, video production hacks etc.
  • Showcase your video production equipment, especially if you are using some cool specialty equipment, e.g. underwater housing or drones used for aerial photography and aerial videography.
  • Engage your audience by taking a few moments to speak to the camera about what you are doing, e.g. during posing, scene transition and change of settings.

Great BTS references:

Behind The Scenes – Black Friday Promo by Cooper Films

Behind the Scenes with Sony CineAlta VENICE

Mercedes-Benz “Fable” Commercial — Behind the Scenes

Bear in mind that people watch BTS videos for information and to get a better understanding of what you have done and hopefully pick up some tips and tricks from you. Therefore, it is important to include some (but not too much of text and chunks) explanation in your shoot.

Are you ready to create something awesome? Let’s go!