According to new research which surveyed over 1,000 creative and digital marketing decision-makers, video is the top priority and will be for the remainder of 2019 to 2020.

According to Mondo Creative and Digital Trend report, it had revealed that over 67% of digital marketers and creatives still anticipate video marketing to be the best form of creating marketing collateral. This survey was collaborated with over 1,000 creative and digital decision-makers.

Why we should care

As video marketing becomes more complex and fragmented, it is vital to know which video format suits your needs for your business.

person holding gray video camera near green leaf plant during daytime

The types of video marketing that respondents expect to invest in most include Instagram stories (66%) and newsfeed videos (62%). Gifs (52%), cinemographs (31%), live streaming (28%) and IGTV (28%) were among other top-ranking video types respondents anticipate producing.

Unsurprisingly, the prioritization of Instagram stories and newsfeed videos varied between B2B and B2C marketers; B2B marketers lean towards newsfeed videos, while B2C marketers rank Instagram stories higher.

Beyond video, survey respondents indicated that experiential marketing (31%), micro-moments (28%), motion design (24%), visual search (21%) and voice search (10%) are important to their 2019-2020 marketing efforts.

Digital marketers ranked audience targeting (86%) as the top component informing their paid search strategies in the next year, with keywords (83%) and remarketing (76%) also ranking high on the list of priorities.