Do you remember racing against time to meet tight deadlines, with tonnes of snacks and caffeine? Welcome to the daily life of a video editor’s life! Well, we’ve picked up some video editing tips to speed up the process:

Data Wrangling:

When you first receive the footage, the last thing you want to do is start editing immediately. Instead, organise them into folders first. This way, you would not have to go hunting for that one epic clip amongst the hundreds of others.

Time saved: 20 minutes or more*

[Applicable for both Mac & Windows users]

Tag It

If you are on Mac, you should be rejoicing (apologies to all Windows users). Mac OS X has this cool under-utilised function built right into Finder called tags.

Yes, these small coloured circles that you add to the side of your files will literally save you from the urge of throwing your computer away and abandoning the project entirely.

As you look through your footage, add a coloured tag to the clips that you would use during your edit.

This way, you can easily search and import your chosen clips into your editing software.

Time saved: 30 minutes* + a few hundred dollars for that new computer

Auto Synchronising

If you are using Final Cut Pro X, there is a nifty feature to save you time and frustration when syncing audio and video. All you have to do is to select the video and audio clips that you want to sync, and hit Option + Command + G or click on Clips > Synchronise Clips

Time saved: 20 minutes or more*

[Applicable for Macintosh users only]


Many a times, videos are edited according to the beat of the music that you are using. And more often than not, it’s a hassle to find where those beats are at. And just as you find it, you forget that you have moved your cursor away from the point of that beat and you accidentally click your mouse.

All you have to do is to play through the sound track or music track that you are using (it’s not necessary for you to put any video clips on top of the music track at this point), and hit the “M” key on your keyboard every time you hear the beat. Hey presto, you have perfectly marked points for you to align your clips to.

Here are some examples:

Edited to the beat of the music:

Source: THUMP on YouTube

Edited without following the beat of the music:

(NOTE: If you are editing your video based on the feel of the music and not on the beat, you can still use this method to indicate where your next clip will go.)


Source: GlassAnimalsVEVO on YouTube

Time saved: 1 hour*

[Applicable for both Macintosh & Windows users]

Master of Video Editing Tips: Plan

Plan your video before you edit it together. If would be good if you have a concept video on hand that you can refer to and get your music track ready as well.

Time saved: a few hours*

[Applicable for both Macintosh & Windows users]

Give these tips and tricks a try! I guarantee it will speed up your edits and help you churn out those videos like a well-oiled machine. These are just some of the tricks I use and are pretty foolproof. What are some of your favourite editing tricks?

*the timings stated are just an estimation but will definitely be a life-saver