Do you understand all those crazy video advertising trends? Neither do we! Some insights are unexpected, but numbers don’t lie. Check out the five latest trends below to stay relevant and make the most out of your marketing dollars.

1. Live Is The New Buzzword

The Chewbacca mask lady laughed her way to instant internet stardom: her live video got almost 159m views. What sorcery is this?

As an advertiser, you can’t ignore live-streaming – partly because Facebook keeps sending those annoying notifications when someone goes live. Derailing from traditional event coverage with colossal sets of equipment and crew, anyone can now stream a live video right from their smartphone. This is possible thanks to services like Facebook Live, Twitter Periscope, and YouTube Live – talk about naming creativity! Facebook, in particular, is disrupting the whole live-streaming game with its 1.65bn monthly active users. They didn’t release a Live API for no reason.

Live videos have seen huge spikes in interactions, as viewers are able to express their views on the video the moment it is being made. Soon we will see live videos taken from drones – the next big thing in videography.

2. To Skip Or Not To Skip?

Albeit not the life-or-death question as presented in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, it’s high time advertisers rethought their video ads if they don’t want to vanish in the competition. Skippable video ads account for nine out of ten video ads, but it sees the lowest completion rate. When viewers have to watch an ad, they don’t mind waiting a few moments for the video they actually intend to watch.

What does this really mean? Social networks are owning more and more video ad inventories, and they may decide to let viewers to skip ads, significantly hurting advertisers if videos aren’t produced to interest viewers right from the first few seconds.

3. 360 Videos

You must have seen one of those Facebook videos with the “360 video” label in the lower left-hand corner. Together with virtual reality gadgets, 360 videos give users a whole new interactive viewing experience. One of the brightest examples include ABC News coverage of the New York City blizzard in 360 video format, which attracted over 18m viewers to date.

Let’s say you’re from a travel company – 360 videos are ideal to show travelers the wonder of aurora borealis and Norwegian fjords, or extreme experiences like a roller coaster ride. Oops, Discovery Channel has taken the lead!

How late in the game are you?

4. A Motion Picture, Literally

The next in video advertising trends may come as a surprise, but more and more viewers are watching videos without sound. It’s likely the auto-play feature of Instagram and Facebook annoys them, so they choose to not to enable sound at all. This pushes advertisers to make relevant, engaging, and entertaining videos even when the sound pressure level is 0 decibel.

Take a look at this haircare tutorial video by Seda (as the brand Sunsilk is known in Brazil):