As a video production content provider and growing business ourselves, we understand the importance of video-based communications in times of crisis and social distancing. Not only is it an efficient means of delivering critical information, videos keeps us connected as colleagues, as teams, and as real people who are tackling monumental challenges, together.

As such, we want to play our part in helping businesses of all shapes and sizes use the power of video creativity to stay connected and productive in the difficult months ahead.

Here are some useful tips to start planning your marketing video collaterals during this crisis.

person holding white plastic bottle, video content

Listen for changes in customer sentiment and behavior

Long before the coronavirus emerged, consumer trust in both government and large brands had eroded. People now align more closely with family, friends and local businesses. The current crisis seems poised to amplify the distrust customers have of brands. Brands can push against that wave by rising to the occasion to re-establish trust through customer-centric actions. For example:

  • Listen. Now more than ever, it’s important to know what customers feel and do, and why. It’s important for marketers to recognize that all advertising and marketing (and PR) right now are happening against the backdrop of the outbreak. And that must be carefully considered in thinking about promotions and messaging.
  • Balance your response. Marketers must support customers and protect customer relationships while staying honest about what the firm can and cannot deliver at this time. Be careful about taking actions that provide short-term stability (or gain) for the firm at the expense of customer trust.

Adapt the marketing plan

The next three to six months will bring many societal changes that trickle down to the marketing plan. Use the best-, worst- and moderate-case scenarios to anticipate possible and likely changes and take alternative actions. Some areas of focus include:

  • Deliver compelling video content. More people will be spending time at home over the coming months. Brands can provide lighthearted and uplifting or informative and encouraging content to people looking for support. This may also be a good time to relaunch or bring out escapist experiments such as VR content.
  • Secure media early. Everyone is in the same boat, and everyone is looking to secure key spots to replace lost opportunities. More than ever, people are now going to spend more time on the internet to consume more content, whether its pictures, podcasts, blogs or video. This is an opportunity for businesses to fill the gap by producing creative engaging content and share them online.

Let’s Get Through This and Learn Along the Way

These are truly challenging times for businesses and employees in every market. Yet it’s also an opportunity to discover new ways of thinking, and to adapt to new ways of doing business. The months ahead won’t be easy for any of us, but hopefully, these tools can help you stay connected with your customers and colleagues at a time when it matters more than ever.