As part of our company initiative in the Christmas season, we organised a surprise event for the beneficiaries of Children’s Wishing Well. This project presented an opportunity for us to raise awareness for the non-profit charity and their programmes. Partners involved in this special occasion include Saint Games, Magi Planet Popcorn and South Union Park.

Founded in 2002, Children’s Wishing Well focuses on providing for children and youths from low-income families nationwide. The organisation adopts a combination of approaches to help alleviate poverty and provide timely assistance to the daily living of individuals. Community responsibility is encouraged through options such as allowing donors to sponsor children of their choice, volunteer programmes for individuals and close collaborations with schools, organisations and government agencies.

As part of the event, actor Charlie Goh (cast of ‘Ah Boys to Men’, ‘The Lion Men’, ‘Tanglin’) was present to host the programmes. Combining the expertise and artistic talents of our Creative Director Rifyal Giffari and Producer Liaw Yong Hong, a video documentary was created as memorabilia for parties involved as well as members of the public who are keen to find out more about the Christmas Day Out. All in all, we hope to highlight the important work of charities such as Children’s Wishing Well and the gaps present in Singapore’s society that are largely neglected due to the busy, fast-paced nature of our nation.

To view the complete photo gallery from the shoot, we have posted them onto our Facebook page. For more information on Children’s Wishing Well and how to lend a helping hand, do visit their website.