Departmental store giant, Metro, were looking wanted us to come up with a video for the 2017 June Great Singapore Sale, they wanted to utilise three key influencers they were working with to promote the event.

The GSS is an intensely competitive period for the departmental store giants in Singapore, and Metro wanted to drive their competitive edge further by focusing on fashion, cosmetics and homeware department.

Our goal was to utilise the three influencers, Xin Lin, Jessica Loh and Sheila Mandy in a quirky offbeat way. Bearing vague resemblance to Edgar Wright’s cinematography whilst still delivering the key informational points. Most importantly of all, it had to be appealing to millennials.

Metro GSS 2017

The three influencers: Xin Lin, Sheila Mandy and Jessica Loh (from left to right)

Metro GSS 2017 - Behind The Scenes Metro GSS 2017 - Behind The Scenes

Creative Challenge

This particular project had a timeline of just under a 30 working days from the kick-off meeting to delivery date. Needless to say, time was not on our side.

The first thing we had to do was to put together the style and visual guides for the stylist. We had to make sure that Sheila, Xin Lin and Jessica fit to represent their respective departments.

We then had to secure a location with the versatility to look like three different locations. We ultimately found an AirBnB apartment that was perfect and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

Because of the tight deadlines, we had to face the logistics hurdle that is three key locations within 10 hours. In order to optimise our production time, we had to tear down and set-up multiple sets concurrently.