We created a Product Video & built a fully responsive, Video Integrated Landing Page for Singapore-based online fashion retailer group,¬†iFashion Group’s¬†Initial Coin Offering (ICO) – the MEGAX Token, which allows Millennials to gain access to their new retail platform and network with over 40,000 brands.

MEGAX Landing Page Desktop

Building a Distraction-Free Landing Page Experience

At the heart of their digital campaign is their landing page (https://megax.io). The campaign offers a sensational twist on the typical run-of-the-mill ICOs, with a youthful, disruptive vibe, to encouraging participation among their target market – the Millennial Generation. Users could participate in the ICO on the website, by purchasing the MGX Tokens directly. The ICO ran for a month, from October to November 2017, and gained huge support, raising over 2 Million Dollars over the period.

MEGAX Landing Page Mobile

Seamless Video Integration

The product video is a huge part of their Campaign – and so we’ve utilised HTML5 Video and Javascript capabilities to seamlessly integrate the videos, as if it was woven into the Landing Page itself. All this is to make sure that the audience can enjoy the film with no Pop Ups and Modal Windows, ensuring a buttery smooth experience.



Behind-the-Scenes Photos:

MEGAX Behind The Scenes MEGAX Behind The Scenes MEGAX Behind The Scenes