We were blessed to be a part of EATMEPOPTART‘s Hard Luck Club event, where they clink their glasses and partied the night away to their 13 years of existence in the clubbing scene. Their humbled beginnings did not stop them from achieving their goals and after a decade, they are the leading pioneers in the clubbing scene. EATMEPOPTART started off in 2004 where they have been delighting its devoted following with parties from dusk to dawn.

It was a rather unforgettable project for the team as the shoot was held on choppy waters, on the deck of the Stewords¬†Riverboat. The crew experienced many firsts and managed to mingle with the party goers on the cruise. With the diverse range of music from rock, indie, and alternative pop, the night went on and it’s evident that EATMEPOPTART’s true life force lies within their Popettes.