Looking for a video production company in Singapore that is capable of delivering within your tight deadline and delivering the quality that you’re seeking simultaneously is not an easy task. A lot of the time, it seems and feels like you are just gambling or taking a leap of faith.

This hit or miss mentality makes it hard to guarantee the production company you require for your corporate video. However, it is definitely not impossible. With a growing demand for video content and corporate videos in Singapore and globally, there are in fact, many talented video production companies to consider.

Here’s Rockstagvid’s tips on how to pick a video production company in Singapore to meet your video production needs for your corporate video.

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Before commencing your intensive Google search for a video production company in Singapore that you can rely on, start asking around for referrals or recommendations from your colleagues or friends.

As the media industry here is smaller compared to other countries, people tend to be more familiar with the different video production houses in Singapore.

This is why you have to make sure that you ask around to find a video production company in Singapore to execute your corporate video or video production needs.

Whether it be your colleagues, or even other companies in your office building , there is a high probability that someone who has had experience with sourcing and working with a video production company in Singapore will be nearer to you than you think.

So, before you move on to Google search, start asking around because majority of the time, referrals via word-of-mouth might bring in better results than Google searching!


When you find a potential video production company in Singapore, it is advised that you do a little background check before contacting them.

Here are a couple of things to note when researching on a video production company in Singapore:

  • Clientele

The clients that a video production house in Singapore has worked with says a lot about their quality of service and video production quality provided. Typically, if their client profile consists of larger MNCS or businesses and more established companies, then you can be assured that their standard of work will be of quality.

However, do pay close attention to your budget as it might be a little bit more costly to engage such video production houses in Singapore. On the other hand, if you are looking for a video production company in Singapore to do straightforward video editing or simple videos for you, then you should have no problem even with a production house handling it.

Not only do you get stay within your budget, but you’ll also be able to find potential long-term partnerships with video production companies in Singapore that you can work with again for future projects that involve corporate videos.

  • Previous Works

Even though looking through the previous works of a video production company in Singapore before engaging their video production services is the next step, you’ll be surprised at how often this crucial step is overlooked especially when you are on a tight timeline and in a rush. It is extremely crucial to check the previous works of the Singapore video production company that you’re intending to work with as you want to find out if they capable of executing the same creative direction that you want to achieve for your corporate video.

The more similar the Singapore video production company is to your company’s creative direction intended for your corporate video, the process will be way more seamless and efficient to communicate and produce the corporate video. Most video production companies in Singapore should have a section on their website dedicated to present their previous works on their website, social media platforms or other video platforms such as Vimeo. Here’s Rockstagvid’s previous works here.

Prepare a Project Brief with your Requirements

Video production companies in Singapore will want to know the requirements of your video project before conceptualising, planning and executing it. It will be extremely helpful to both you and the video production company if the requirements for your corporate video are more detailed and specific.

When you prepare a brief stating the overview, requirements as well as the potential budget for the corporate video, it will be way easier for the video production companies to prepare a more accurate quotation for you and to meet your video production needs.

You may attach PDF / Word / Powerpoint