If you want people to view your content you have to create a video. Simple as that. As a report done but Oracle, 82% of all content viewed online has a video on the page. Creating video is on of the only hyper-effective ways to market your brand and your business.

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Video can be useful beyond just improving you brand . It can also improve your business and make customers want to but your products or services. A separate study was conducted and found out that 90% of customers also say that videos helps them make purchasing decisions .

Not only does video provide your customers a chance to see your product or service in action but it also lets them see the passion in your eyes when you talk about your company. Video allows people to envision themselves using he product and gives them the ability to hear from the customers you serve.

An example of this is real estate. A joint study from Google and the National Association of Realtors revealed that there’s a 40% increase in buyer inquiries from home listings that featured video. This goes beyond clicks on a listing. These are aspiring homeowners clicking the link and actually saying, “I want to see this house” simply because there was a video posted next to it.

If you want to succeed as a business owner, you’ve got to get good at selling with video.

Developing Para-social Relationships With Video

Para-social is a psychological phenomenon where the viewer gets to know, like, and trust you without ever meeting you in person. And for this reason video can be a powerful, scalable way for businesses and brands to develop trust, affinity and awareness with the audience.

You can achieve a kind of para-social relationship through other types of content like audio or through writing but video allows you to achieve a higher-level connection with your audiences.

Other Benefits

On a practical level, video is easier, faster, and has better ROI compared to other forms of content marketing and advertising efforts. For instance, blogging, SEO, and Google ads can be difficult to manage and take months to see any traction. Even then, the data shows that the pages you’re trying to rank need to have a video on them to succeed anyway.

Proven Video Creation Process

For marketers, getting the fine nuances and essence of a business translated into a video can be a nightmare. So if you’ve never created a video before, expect the first to the be worst. To help mitigate this having a process is key. One process you can potentially explore is a highly successful process is called the GREAT video formula.

How to make GREAT video

Grab – Grab the Audiences attention.

The very first step in creating a great video is G, Grab the viewer’s attention. This is your visual or your audible hook, the very first thing that the viewer hears or reads in the captions. It must immediately draw them into the video.

The internet is full of video content. Gone are the days of producing video and knowing that people will naturally watch it just because it’s there.

Restate – Restate the Problem

The next step is R, which is Restate the problem. This is where you poke the bear and get into the mind of the viewer.

Explain – Explain your solution

E is Explain your solution. Don’t explain the solution or just any solution. Explain your unique solution that only you can offer and that’s unfindable anywhere else in the marketplace other than with you. Another term for this is product framing or service framing.

Actual – Actual proof

You must provide numerical, third-party evidence that shows what you’re selling works. This means testimonials from customers who are willing to share how much they love and appreciate your product.

Tell them – Tell them what you do

Tell them what to do. To be more precise, this step tells people what you want them to do right after seeing your video. Is there something you want people to avoid or a follow-up step you want them to take? It can be “Visit our website,” “Call us today,” or any other call to action.

If you’re running an ad on YouTube, you can say, “Click on the View Ad button below” and underneath the video, a button appears that says View Ad or View Offer. Similarly, you might say, “Click on the link in the description box below.” The viewers can see the description box and know exactly where to click. The only way to find out there is anything out there.

On Facebook, the call to action “Click the Learn More button below” means there will be a Learn More button prominently featured right in front of the user. It’s the same thing with a Sign Up button.

Having a strong, specific call to action is measurable but it isn’t the end goal. It’s simply a stepping stone that allows you to lead people to the next step, which is the sale or the opt-in.