So wondering how much video editing cost in 2020? These days, the way many professional video editors work is by estimating how many days a single project may take to edit.

So, how much does it cost to edit a video?  One way many professional video editors work is by estimating how many days a project may take to edit—for example, three to four editing days for every day of shooting. This ballpark estimate is good but doesn’t take into consideration if the source video recorded on the shoot day was one hour or four hours. Tracking the amount of source video obtained may be a more important factor in estimating your cost than the finished video time.

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A typical workflow may include the following video editing services:

  • Importing video and other source material, logging and identifying selects
  • Subtitling
  • 2D motion graphics with asset creation.
  • Licensing music
  • Rough cut
  • Input and revisions
  • Color enhancement and sound mix
  • Final review and delivery of compressed video.

All together the cost can vary from $1000 to $3000 depending on the style of the video and what components are needed in the video i.e. subtitling or 2D motion graphics.

Another main factor in video editing cost is the length. This includes both the desired length of the final video and the length of your original footage. If you only want a three-minute highlight reel from your son’s dance recital, but you want it created from a two-hour recording of the entire performance, the pro must spend valuable time sorting through footage and using a trained eye to choose the best parts. The more source material (original video footage) you have to be edited, the higher your video editing costs will be. In addition, the longer the finished product, the higher the final cost will be because post-production tasks including color adjustment and image stabilization also take time.

If you are starting a new video project from scratch, such as recording a conference your nonprofit is hosting or filming a local TV commercial for your product company, you may want to turn every detail over to the pros. When requesting full video production services, video production companies such as Rockstagvid handle every aspect of a project from start to finish, including concept development, scriptwriting, voice-over, filming, lighting, audio, editing, and post-production.

Not surprisingly, full video production services cost much more than basic video editing of footage you provide. The video production pro is creating something from nothing on your behalf, working with you to transform your concept into a fully formed commercial, video, film or documentary. You are paying not only for the video editor’s time and skills, but for lighting, sets and staging, videography work, story creation, and much more.

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