The cumulative outcome of any video has multiple strings linked with several elements. Similarly, corporate video production is nothing less than a film that requires a solid concept to impress the audience in a ‘few minutes’. The task becomes more challenging when a project needs to be broadcasted with a time period of a ‘few seconds.’

What is the Primary Pre-stage of Video Production?

The Pre-production stage is the basic level which includes the generation of ideas, plotting of points, finalising the concept and screenplay. This also consists of the preparation of the upcoming stage ‘shooting’ or ‘filming’. The initial level prior to any or corporate video production has certain tasks to be successfully achieved. The uppermost task includes conceptualising the story. This task may or may not be done by the same writer. The skillset required to write a screenplay is vastly different from that of writing a story.

Once the beginning part of notion, synopsis and play-writing are done, then comes casting and organizing the shoot.

Why do you need a Corporate Video?

A corporate video is an essential asset of the company. It builds a strong reputation for any organisation generating sturdy relations with existing and potential customers. A corporate video is the only medium of effective promotion, advertising and clear elaboration of products and services offered.

The absence of corporate video on a website or social pages fails a business in accumulating the value from potential customers.

Let’s say there are two competing companies that offer the exact same products, services. However, the only difference is that one of the companies makes videos and a consistent basis while the other does not. No matter how similar the products and services are, the company producing videos, increasing online awareness and presence will always be the one to come on top. Even IF the products and services is worse, as long as you are grabbing your customer’s attention they will buy it. That is the power of video marketing!

Difference between Corporate Videos and Tutorials

The tutorial is a practical explanation and accomplishment of a specific task or activity covered out of a large niche. These are generally the videos based on ‘How to’ initiation. Whereas, corporate video is an overview of a large section of the company or profession. The intention behind the corporate video is to send a product and service-related message to a large audience through promotion and advertising. Higher ROI, trust, goodwill, and profits are the major goals expected out of corporate videos.

How Long does it take to Create a Video?

The standard process of creation relies on the length of the screenplay. Again, the script length estimates how long a specific shot would be. For an expected time of about 1 minute’s promotional video, it’ll require 3-4 shots if several locations, spots or people need to be covered.

The 1st day would be essential from the scriptwriting perspective and its approval from the client. If an in-depth discussion is already made between the corporate video production company and the client, then the same can be finalized within a few hours. Further, the hiring of models takes place, in general, the production companies have their own models ready for different roles to play. If not, they are a tie-up with the modeling or talent agencies to fulfill the requirements at earliest. In some cases, there is absolutely no requirement for actors to seek.

Most of the ads nowadays are digitally illustrated, for this, the usage of technology and relevant software are suitable to implement. The most effective element in such corporate videos is ‘Voice Over’. The professionals associated with the production company comes with excellent output based on the video concept. When the script, tools and voiceover or actors are finalized; the execution of a video shoot or creation process can be done and accomplished the 2nd day. But again, every video requires excellent editing skills. And for a video with a duration of about 2 minutes will hardly take 2-3 hours of time in making edits. Again, the client’s approval for a final touch is needed before handing over the project.

What are the advantages of a commercial video?

person holding DSLR camera shooting a corporate video production.

Commercial videos are the strongest, expensive and effective mode of promotional assets. Mostly commercial ads and relevant corporate videos are executed with the objective of grabbing the attention of a higher number of people in lesser time.

The primary advantage of commercial video is that it can be released both where on television and video platforms as well. Moreover, the genuineness, curiosity, and trust that a video builds, other platforms cannot.

For this competitive period, the rise in video content production is increasing more compared to text format of promotion.

The visual awareness has its own importance to get users instantly engaged with the matter. And this is why commercial or corporate videos get a huge impact on the target audience from its first release itself.

How to get my Corporate Video Viral?

From youngster to an adult everyone carries a mobile device for self-convenience. The first few factors why a user needs a phone is for communication purposes, social media, businesses related work management and exploring new videos every now and then. In order to get a matter viral on the web it is quite necessary to create qualitative content which not only brings benefits but the value to its viewers. For example, music or an entertainment video has higher chances to get viral. This is because the niche is so general that users of any age with different interests can also watch it for self-satisfaction. Further, the sharing of such videos needs not to be encouraged. Due to the higher appeal level, people by themselves share the videos within the family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

In terms of corporate video, it’s the other way around. The outmost uncommon factor here is target specific content. For a music album, the segregation of target-audience is not essential. But in regards to corporate video production, there has to be a specific market for which you are creating the videos. Otherwise, the video would become meaningless and ineffective due to the unknowing market. For instance, such a blind marketing method won’t work for anti-aging products designed for a group of females aged between 30 to 55. Here video may get popular within the community targeting large female-audience. But it won’t get viral as this has nothing to do with teen-agers, senior-citizens, men or variant groups of the community.

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