Corporate Social Responsibility Videos are powerful tools used to get the message out about the good your company does for society. Corporate Social Responsibility is a mindset that companies adopt as they grow larger. It’s their way of giving back and making a positive impact on the community, employees, stakeholders, investors, and the public. Sometimes public perception sees large corporations as greedy profit-hungry machines without a soul. Because of this, it’s important for large businesses to let people know that they do care. Sometimes we forget behind all companies are people.

person showing both hands with make a change note and coins. Corporate Social Responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility is Growing

64% of CEOs say that “corporate social responsibility (CSR) is core to their business rather than being a stand-alone program”.

Of course, a lot of organizations have similar values. By adding CSR you are communicating a different value — a moral one. This is the compass for how a lot of organizations are beginning to operate. While the value behind service delivery is different from what is behind corporate social responsibility, intrinsically they are inseparable. These values and your drive to improve the world as a whole help enhance your credibility with buyers.

Similarly, CSR helps educate, inform and raise awareness of causes globally. Many of us are so busy with both our professional and personal lives that, unless we catch a quick video on Facebook or a 30-second story on the local news station, it is hard to be constantly aware of the struggles people around the world are enduring daily.

Check out this campaign that we did for HYSSES implementing CSR within the brand.

We took to the Cameron Highlands with HYSSES (formerly Mt. Sapola), a premium essential oils and natural aromatherapy house with stores in Singapore, Malaysia, and the UK, to document a part of their brand transformation.

The common denominators that these successful campaigns share are pretty easily identifiable:

– A cause that your audience can get behind

– An idea that makes sense for your brand

– Good creative and a seamless social media roll-out

If you can find a creative way to really nail these three factors, you’ll have a viral corporate social responsibility campaign on your hands.

If you want your business to start using CSR videos as a marketing tool come speak to our creative team at Rockstagvid and learn more about it.