The utilisation and demand for corporate video content is not just limited to entertainment purposes. Corporate video content have become an extension of businesses. Studies show that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. This is why video production is crucial for businesses.

With the increasing demand for video be it a corporate video in Singapore or globally, many massive industry players or local businesses can be seen to be aggressively producing different types of video content in order to meet this rising need. The respondents of this survey claimed that video content is in higher demand particularly because people are more likely to pay attention to it. There is also a higher probability to skip parts of written and audio content. For businesses be it SMEs or MNCs to garner more ROI or brand awareness, video content is definitely something that should be highly considered.

Video Production in Singapore

Why do I need to hire a corporate video production company in Singapore?

Corporate Video Production

If your company is based in Singapore, it is highly recommended that you work with a Singapore video production company. You will have to work closely with the video production company with regular meetings to achieve a corporate video, brand video or a video that is part of your marketing campaign that will resonate well with your consumers or potential consumers.

If you have a production background, you’ll understand that video production is extremely demanding and tricky. Without a full team with the right equipment, experience and expertise, it is hard for the vision of your corporate video to come into fruition.

Even with highly experienced teams, majority of the time video production comes along with a lot bumps on the road. Work with a video production company in Singapore that knows how to make a corporate video and handle the high demands of the project.

What does a corporate video production company in Singapore do?

In most cases, a video production company in Singapore assists holistically ranging from conceptualisation to the final delivery of the corporate video. The company will help with the conceptualisation, creative planning, scripting, scheduling, casting, filming, post-editing and more.

There are some video production companies in Singapore that only provides filming, equipment or provide post-production services (video editors in Singapore or freelancers).

Whats the ROI of A Corporate Video?

At the end of the day, It all comes down to the return on investment (ROI). Statistically, 88% of video marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing efforts on social media (Animoto, 2018). The same report also shows that 80% of marketers also claim to be satisfied by the ROI of video advertisements that they have posted to social media.

In broad, businesses use corporate videos to increase their sales, build brand awareness as well as trust, to reach out to potential customers and to increase their customers retention. The online platforms most commonly used by marketers for posting social media marketing videos and video ads are Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. A reason why corporate video marketing is favored as a marketing tool is because of its potential to explain everything in a format that is preferred by users — the visual format. Tutorials or explainer videos are also popular among consumers and for internal use.

Why Singapore Video Production Company Rockstagvid for your Corporate Video?

Rockstagvid has worked worked with a huge diverse range of businesses. An extensive portfolio consisting of OCBC, CIMB, DBS KK Hospital, NUHS, SG Enable, Sentosa to huge global businesses like Netflix, Mastercard, Honda, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Gucci, Airbnb and more.

It is extremely crucial when picking a video production company in Singapore to work with. Your corporate video is heavily reliant on the experience of the video production company.